What is the Festival's policy regarding people with disabilities?


Persons under 16 years of age may enter accompanied by a parent or an adult who has been delegated by one of the parents “LINK”.

Alcoholic products will only be served to guests over 18 years of age.

What are the opening hours?

You can enter at any time between 12:00 and 23:30, on both days of the Festival. Entry times may be delayed due to safety concerns.

Is there a time limit for entries?

Yes, for security reasons the entrance to the festival will be closed 30 minutes before the end of the day. From 23:30 to 24:00 (closing time).

Where can I find the Lineup?

In the Lineup session of our website and on our official page of Facebook and Instagram.

How can I contact you for lost and found?

The organization provides privileged access and a reserved area for people with disabilities and their mandatory adult companions. Entry to the venue and the placement of the differently-abled person in a different area from the reserved area will be considered as a liberal choice by the individuals with disabilities themselves.

The Festival’s policy allows for the possibility of requesting a complimentary ticket for the companion in cases where the differently-abled person is recognized as eligible for an accompaniment allowance by the competent authorities.

If you fall into the previously described case, please contact us at the following email address: support@decibeleventi.com, providing the following information:
– A medical certificate from the ASL (Local Health Authority) or Medical Commission certifying the disability and recognizing the accompaniment allowance;
– An identification document of the differently-abled person;
– The full name of the companion, who must then go to the event ticket office and show a valid identification document to collect the complimentary ticket;
– The date of the day you wish to attend and for which the ticket was purchased.

Please note that the ticket holder is the differently-abled spectator, and only the companion is entitled to the complimentary entry. The companion must be an adult.

Is there a map of the Festival Area?

Yes, it will be published a few weeks before the beginning of the Festival on our website and on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Is it possible to access with food?

Yes, there are no restrictions on food. Inside the Festival Area you will find a large zone Food&Beverage.

Is it possible to access with drinks?

No, it is forbidden to introduce any kind of drink. But we inform you that inside the festival area you will be able to find a place with free drinking water and recommend the access with a Camel Pack (max. 10lt) to fill.

Will there be a food service?

Yes, inside the Festival Area you will find a large zone of Beverage & Food.

Will there be a first aid point?

Yes, and there will also be volunteers from 118 throughout the Area to assist in case of need.

Is there a Wardrobe Service?

Yes, LOCKERS will be available both outside and inside the Festival.

Will there be a merchandise booth?

Yes, you will find it within the festival area.

Is it possible to return once you leave?

No. For safety reasons you can not go back once you leave. Make sure you have everything you need before you enter, and don’t forget to check the list of forbidden items.

What is the Festival's policy regarding people with disabilities?

Yes, you can find all the information on our website under session “DISABLED

How do I get to the Festival?

In the HOW TO ARRIVE session of our website you can find all the information to get to the Festival by all public transport.

Where can I buy tickets for the Decibel Open Air?

You can buy tickets in the TICKETS session that you find on our website.

Are the tickets nominal?

Yes, all tickets are nominal, so the ticket must have the same name as the person attending the Festival. The security staff at the entrance will check the identity document, which must correspond to the name on the ticket.

Do I have to print the ticket?

It doesn’t matter to print the ticket, just have on your smartphone the e- ticket with QR CODE. The screen shall not have any defects which would prevent it from reading the code. Please note that your order confirmation emails are not sufficient, you must be in possession of the electronic or paper ticket.

I did’t receive the ticket on my email. What can I do?

In case of purchase through DICE, the ticket will not arrive by email but must be viewed directly from their App. In case of purchase from other official circuits, if you have not received the confirmation email, we advise you to look in the SPAM folder of your email or to contact the assistance of the sales network.

Is it possible to enter the Festival on a different day than indicated on the ticket?

No. Admission is only valid for the day indicated on the ticket. So make sure you buy your ticket for the day you participate.

In case of cancellation of the Festival, will I be able to have the ticket refunded?

In case of cancellation of the Festival the refund will be made available. Find more detailed info at this link

Will it be possible to buy tickets directly at the Festival?

Of course, there will be a ticket office at the Festival, except sold-out.

Can I replace/change the name on my ticket?

As for our main circuit, DICE, you can change the name in complete autonomy from their App; but only before the QR-CODE generation.

For any additional information you can contact DICE support at this link
or sending a message at this email address: aiuto@dice.fm

Can I sell my ticket to someone else?

As for our main circuit, DICE, you can transfer your ticket to a second person in complete autonomy from their App.
As long as both people are registered with the DICE platform.
Once the transfer has been made to the second person, they will have to change the name on their ticket (in complete autonomy from the DICE App).

Both ticket transfer and name change are only active before QR-CODE is generated.

For any additional information you can contact DICE support at this link
or sending a message at this email address: aiuto@dice.fm

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