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Armin Van BuurenDOA STAGE • 22.00-23.30
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Armin Van Buuren
Black CoffeeDOA STAGE • 16.00-17.30
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Black Coffee
Collabs 3000COLLABS STAGE • 18.00-22.00
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Collabs 3000
Deborah De LucaDOA STAGE • 16.30-18.30
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Deborah De Luca
El Row Stage12.00-22.30
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El Row Stage
Felix KrocherDOA STAGE • 14.30-16.30
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Felix Krocher
FisherELROW STAGE • 18.00-19.30
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Ilario AlicanteELROW STAGE • 21.00-22.30
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Ilario Alicante
Infected MushroomDOA STAGE • 20.15-21.45
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Infected Mushroom
Joseph CapriatiDOA STAGE • 22.00-23.30
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Joseph Capriati
Loco DiceDOA STAGE • 17.30-19.00
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Loco Dice
Marco FaraoneDOA STAGE • 18.30-20.00
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Marco Faraone
The Martinez BrothersDOA STAGE • 20.30-22.00
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The Martinez Brothers
MatrixxmanCOLLABS STAGE • 16.00-18.00
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Riva StarrELROW STAGE • 16.30-18.00
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Riva Starr
Stephan Bodzin liveDOA STAGE • 19.00-20.30
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Stephan Bodzin live
AnotrELROW STAGE • 12.00-13.30
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Bastian BuxELROW STAGE • 15.00-16.30
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Bastian Bux
George PrivattiELROW STAGE • 13.30-15.00
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George Privatti
Giorgio GigliCOLLABS STAGE • 14.00-16.00
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Giorgio Gigli
Stomp BoxxDOA STAGE • 15.00-16.00
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Stomp Boxx
Tini GesslerELROW STAGE • 19.30-21.00
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Tini Gessler


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Decibel Open Air • Visarno Arena • Florence • 22.23 june 2019


The Visarno Arena is located in Florence (Italy), around two kilometres from the central station of Santa Maria Novella, very close to the city center.
We suggest the use of public transport, in particular the tramway that connects the “Cascine” stop, near the Visarno Arena, at some strategic points of Florence:
• Train station Firenze Santa Maria Novella
• Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence
• Parking Exchanger Villa Costanza on the A1 highway, with dedicated exit
• Parking near Florence Amerigo Vespucci Airport at the end of the A11 highway


The “Cascine” stop is five minutes away from the Visarno Arena. Taking the Tramway from Santa Maria Novella station the route is about 5 minutes, while from the parking exchanger Villa Costanza on the A1 highway and from the parking near the Florence Airport on the end of A11 highway, the route is about 20 minutes.


From the Florence Station “Santa Maria Novella” take the Bus line 17c in “Cascine” direction to the “Cascine” bus stop. Average time of travel: 10 minutes.


From the Florence Station Santa Maria Novella the route advised is: Santa Maria Novella square – Goldoni square – Lungarno Vespucci (cycle track). Time of travel: about 15 minutes.


Who can’t give up the car, can park around Visarno areas, there’s few options, the most easy is to leave your car in the “FiPark Leopolda” at 1.5km from the venue and Oltrarno area (through a pedestrian crossing across the river Arno, the arena is to be reached in a few minutes). Alternatively in the parking exchanger of the tramway that are on the A1 highway at dedicated exit ‘Villa Costanza’ and, in the end of the A11 highway, at the parking lot near the Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence. Time of travel with a tramway: About 30 minutes.


Average arrival time approximately 7 minutes from the Santa Maria Novella station. Tel. Taxi: 055 4242055 4390


The Amerigo Vespucci airport of Florence is connected by the tramway with the city center and stop in “Santa maria novella” station where you can bring the tramway in “cascine” direction and stop in “cascine” tramway stop.


  • Food & Beverage
  • FREE Drinking Water Point
  • Shaded Relax Zone
  • Wardrobe Service
  • Credit card Payment



  • Decibel Open Air festival will take happen from 22 to 23 June from 12:00 to 23:30
  • The token will be replaced every day of the festival. So, THE TOKEN PURCHASED THE DAY1 WILL NOT BE VALID FOR DAY2
  • No age restrictions (minors of 16 years old may enter accompanied by a parent or by a adult equipped with a delegation from one of the parents: download form)
  • The Ticket is valid for one entrance to the festival, once you leave it will not be possible to access again before you buy another ticket
  • The purchase of the ticket automatically authorizing the publication of its own images by our staff in the festival area
  • Organizers shall not be responsible for any duplication/forging of tickets

The public security authorities shall reserve the power to implement filtering actions to the participants in the event.
Access to the following cases will be denied:

  • Refusal to undergo filtering actions
  • Refusal to accept the prohibitions
  • Obvious counterfeiting of the ticket
  • Evident state of drunkenness and/or alteration



  • Introduce weapons, replica weapons or items resembling weapons, knives, firearms, blunt offensive objects and those with sharp ends. Ammunition, replica ammunition or any item resembling ammunition;
  • Introduce explosives, chemicals or incendiary devices;
  • Introduce fireworks, flares and firecrackers;
  • Introduce glass or metal bottles, cans;
  • Introduce any type of liquid within the festival (except sun protection below 100 ml);
  • Introduce animals (save for trained assistance or guide dogs);
  • Introduce illegal substances, including illicit drugs and needles (save as required for valid medical reasons);
  • Introduce poles, flagpoles, sticks, umbrella, large photography equipment (e.g. tripods), selfie-sticks and bats;
  • Introduce drones or unmanned aerial devices;
  • Introduce motorcycles, bicycles, roller-skates, skateboard and overboard;
  • Introduce electronic transmitting equipment, power bank or laser pointers;
  • Introduce suitcase, trolley, bags and backpacks larger than 10 lt. or items too large to be controlled;
  • Introduce air horn, pepper spray and spray cans;
  • Introduce a tent and sleeping bag;
  • Introduce musical Instruments;
  • Introduce audio/video recording equipment, professional and semi-professional cameras, Go-Pro, iPad and tablet;
  • Introduce helmets, chains and other objects which may cause injuries;
  • Expose material that obstructs visibility to other viewers or interferes with emergency signage or which, however, is an obstacle to escape routes to exits;
  • Carry out any kind of commercial activity that has not been previously authorized, in writing, by the organizing company of the event;
  • Implement aggressive acts against the control personnel;
  • To damage or tamper in any way infrastructures and services of the arena;
  • Climbing balustrades, parapets, partitions and other structures not intended for the permanence of the public;
  • Stationed on access routes, Exodus and any other way of escape.


  • To every person in an obvious state of drunkenness and/or alteration or for any other legitimate reason, will be inhibited the entrance to the concert even if possess valid entrance ticket;
  • People who come to be in the same conditions during the event, creating disturbance or harassment to those present, will move away from the concert;
  • Any other action will be implemented to provide the highest level of safety and the good development of the event;
  • This area is under video surveillance, with a digital video recording system, with respect to the Italian Privacy Law “D.Lgs. 196/2003” and further amendments. The video surveillance system is used exclusively to guarantee emergency procedures for security reasons. Any records, when needed, will be at disposal of the Investigative Police and the right Authorities;
  • The Law Enforcement authorities can supplement this regulation.


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